How We Work


We are a full-service practice providing an holistic approach to dating & relationship coaching and matchmaking as well. We also work with many individuals who are considering leaving a relationship or are transitioning out of one, and need the added support and guidance in their life at this difficult time. We specialize in working with men, but serve women as well.

We will work with you to uncover blocks, beliefs, and old patterns that are keeping you single. We can help you identify what has been holding you back in old relationships and helping you to transform that for success in a new one. When working with individuals who are transitioning out of a relationship/marriage, we provide the support they need to reestablish themselves as an individual, and their lives as a single.

Make Me Over-This is an hourly service where you will be personally helped to update your personal style & image so that you are putting your best self forward.  This is done through shopping trips for wardrobe or home; and/or visits to hair stylists and barbers with our accompaniment. A new look helps give you more confidence and new energy.

Also, includes complimentary concierge service to our network of personal service providers such as massage therapists, personal trainers, and other personal care professionals.

Promote Me Online dating is here to stay. So you might as well get good at it. You might be only getting responses from people you aren’t interested in, or connecting with ladies that aren’t really looking for a relationship.

This includes creation (or improvement) of your online dating profile from well written content that attract and photo selection; and a coaching session to help address issues you’ve been having with online dating, as well as intro messages, responses, how to determine they are a fraud, and get to an actual date.

A Better Me– Not having the relationships or dating experiences you really desire? Let’s get to the root and make some great improvements so you can start having the dates & relationships that are fun & fulfilling! We will identify patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that have been holding you back from finding the right kind of love.  We will meet every other week, or every week, in-person, by phone, or Skype, for a period of 4 months.  You will also be given email, text, and phone support in between.

During the four months we will deal with any current situations and issues that arise within your dating or relationship, as well as work on releasing and transforming what has not been serving you. This may include help with your online dating profile

Partner Me Up-This level of service includes the entire A Better Me package plus gives you our exclusive match making service.

With experience and training in coaching, as well as matchmaking, I have an 86% success rate on the first match.  My “special sauce” is my mediumship and intuitive gifts which, when coupled by my practical skills and experience, help me to truly understand what you need, want, and who will match your energy.

You’ll receive coaching before, during, and after the entire process.  Introduction to dates that are specifically chosen just for you, not chosen by an algorithm.

No more countless hours scrolling and messaging online just to find out the picture is outdated; they were just looking for a free meal; or quite frankly, seem a little crazy!  I do the first date for you, and only set up a meeting after I’ve confirmed that there is a real possibility for a connection.